At TSi, our F.O.C.U.S.™ on fanatical customer service means that we are committed to providing our clients with unparalleled support and maintenance service that sets the standard by which other security companies are measured.

We strive to be proactive and predictive in managing your security systems so that the likelihood of a critical situation is greatly reduced. But when your company and assets are at risk, our 24-hour support center means that a highly trained and certified TSi team member is on-site within a guaranteed response time, greatly reducing your potential for loss and liability. In the rare event that we cannot respond within the guaranteed time frame, the client will be provided with a $250 credit memo.

You’ve heard the service-call horror stories: You place the call, and a technician comes out in a few days, tells you what you already knew was wrong with your system, says he has to order a part and that he’ll be back in a week. At TSi, our goal is to provide 100 % system functionality upon completion of the first call.   In those rare situations that we cannot provide that level of functionality, our client will be provided with a $250 credit memo.

With $500 exposure to every service call we perform, we must respond within hours, not days, and we cannot leave the site until your systems are 100% functional and the situation is resolved to your complete satisfaction.

Because we’re privately owned and not accountable to shareholders, we are focused on our clients and not a bottom line.  The bottom line at TSi is that our F.O.C.U.S.™ is on exceeding client expectations and doing everything we can to solve your problems in the quickest amount of time, no matter what.